I started the month of February with the freshest and newest look of Greenwich hub. From their great tasting pizza and pasta no doubt that Greenwich completely transporting not only your taste buds, but also everything about bringing you to a whole new level.

This year, Greenwich opens its doors in Cebu with its newest look. An interior reminiscent of a familiar and homey feel through the use of wood and brick elements that I can instantly feel in an authentic pizzeria. Their new concept features a lounge, main dining area, balcony banquet and an enclosed dining space fit for everyone’s needs. A seating varies from couches, booths and tables, and longer spaces complete with bar stools for authentic experience plus the over-all interiors are made more rustic with wooden pizza peels, tin buckets and colorful ceramics to tie the concept together that truly makes it feel like home.







I really had fun at Greenwich new hub with their modern digital menu boards, colorful graphics with cheesy lines and colloquial phrases adds to the quirkiness of the restaurant. Check Greenwich Pizza’s new offer or follow them on their Instagram page: @greenwichpizza #greenwichpizzacebu #iamkimcharlie