Love local and be vocal about it, say it loud and proud of everything “Made in Cebu”. This new campaign that brings a renewed awareness to promote Cebuano artisans and craftsmen back in the scene will be launched in a series of trunk shows starting September 2018 via the most stylish restaurants in the metro.

Artesano gathers up and coming brands and established names in the fashion accessories circuit of Cebu creating fashion mindset to “Wear Cebu” and identify what “Cebu Wear” is really all about. This new assembly of Cebuano retailers and designers present weekend offerings every Saturday and Sunday in a series of monthly episodes which moves from one venue to another to cater all local lovers and buyers from all walks of style.


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iamkimcharlie-artesano 02

iamkimcharlie-artesano 03

iamkimcharlie-artesano 04


See you all there!