Gong Xi Fa Cai! It’s the year of the earth dog and the celebration itself really excites me to prepare on what to wear. It’s always been my tradition to wear something CNY appropriate that fits for the event. This year without a doubt red is the main focus as what they all say, during Chinese New Year it has been a belief that you’ll get lucky if your wearing red.

But this year, instead of wearing a full blast of the red shade. I go preppy this year and things will change since I wore white, brown and red to match it all together. Aside from my outfit, what I’m looking forward is the dragon dance and the tikoy!

iamkimcharlie-chines-new-year-style-2018 iamkimcharlie-chines-new-year-style-2018-01 iamkimcharlie-chines-new-year-style-2018-02 iamkimcharlie-chines-new-year-style-2018-03 iamkimcharlie-chines-new-year-style-2018-04

Red Holiday Sweatshirt: Metro Retail Stores
Khaki Pants: Metro Retail Stores
White Espadrilles: Metro Retail Stores