Oh yes! I may be a month late to post my birthday blog because of some serious commitments at work. I’ve been traveling to manila back and forth and some serious timeline to catch. But still I find time to keep in touch with my beloved readers of course (better late than sorry).
This year, my birth month has so many surprising things in store and I got to celebrate it with friends here in the city of dreams! As I look forward in celebrating my natal day this year, I guess this is one of the best things happened so far. I got to stay and enjoy my 3 weeks in a glamorous hotel (thanks to my company), celebrated it with friends, went to Baguio and got some few drinks to enjoy (Thanks to the hotel). I may be a bit far from my beloved parents, close friends, colleagues and loved ones back in Cebu which they never failed to greet me on my special day!
I’m really grateful to be surrounded with people whom become my inspiration to work hard and who’s also an instrument for me to become a better person. And also thank you to my readers and followers all over social media who greeted me on my birthday! Thank you so much! Big hugs! #iamkimcharlie