I have so many exciting stories to tell about my Macau trip this year. Along with its picturesque destinations, skyscrapers and fabulous gastronomic eats. Macau for me is a total fashion and style destination to all those instagrammers and style enthusiast. There are still many good places to discover in Macau which I haven’t been and I’m sure you too will unlock them. For now, what I’m sharing you all this casual look that is very comfortable in touring around the city.




Speaking of outfit here’s a look of my Macau style pieces. I opted to put up a smart casual look to match the city vibe around Macau. It’s like 10 degrees cold when we get there so I have to prepare an essential outfit to make me warm. It is a staple look that normally you can see in the busy streets of Macau. It’s an investment and classic piece that you can mix and match anything in to your wardrobe. It simply does the trick to make my look polish and clean. Plus don’t forget the matching pants.  To complete my entire look I’m using my white sneakers just to make my feet comfortable during our long fun walk. Enjoy!