Anello Bags_iamkimcharlie

I really love bag packs, and these are one of our daily essentials that each one of us have. Nowadays, bag packs are becoming more stylish and ergonomically improve its design. Now that it has more compartments, lighter and hip, definitely it can carry all the daily essentials you need.


Good news bag pack lovers! I found out from a friend via online about this trendy and neat bag pack that caught my attention. I really go giddy of buying this bag because of its unique design and aesthetics.

This trendy bag originated from Japan, the Anello from  Carrot.com is definitely making it’s scene as it captures the heart of the millennial(s) from Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and now the Philippines!

Anello bag has a slick and trendy design, as I yearn for a large, yet compact backpack. Surprisingly the bag has a very comfortable shoulder strap that could minimize stress to lift that stuff. (Which I really love by the way and has a secret compartment inside for a very safe keeping!)

The bag can fit almost everything inside like laptops, planners, personal essentials, and more despite of its compact look. Aside from the shoulder straps, it can also be used as a hand bag with its sturdy hand grip.


You can get your hands on these trendy bags by visiting Anello Bags IG page @anello_bag or their website at Anello. Prices for these backpacks in Japan ranges 4,8600 Yen – 5,000 Yen. ( 2,236 Php – 2300 Php). Enjoy! #iamkimcharlie