Aside from the ever famous Green Matcha, a new distinctive flavor and color is now on trend which people especially millennials are so fond of. From ice cream, cakes, pancakes and the likes people go gaga with the “purple yam” or as we know “ube” is a very common to us Filipinos specially to our taste buds. It took social media by storm and we just can’t help but to love ube.




What makes it more interesting is that Jollibee launches the Ube Pie! Finally! The rich goodness of that hot Ube  filling covered with crispy fried pie crust that you’ll surely drool over. It’s sweet taste will truly catch  and satisfy your Ube cravings. You can enjoy Ube Pie sweet treats at Jollibee for only Php 29 (Solo) and Php 82 (trio).